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Child Therapist
Individual Counseling

Treatment for children, adolescents and adults affected by trauma including divorce, domestic violence and child welfare involvement.

We work with children, adolescents and young adults with anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mental illness.

Happy family
Family and Reunification Counseling

Treatment for families affected by trauma including divorce, domestic violence and child welfare involvement. This service is also great for blended families.

*Court ordered reunification therapy cannot be billed to insurance.

Parents with Child
Parenting/Coparenting Consultation

Parents with emotional or behavioral concerns about their children can use this service to get parenting tips on how to best help their children. Our providers have training on different parenting techniques as well as their own lived experiences in parenting, step-parenting and co-parenting.

*This service cannot be billed to insurance

Woman on Computer

We offer telehealth services for individual counseling and consultations. We utilize an easy to use system.

Please contact your insurance to verify that you are covered for telehealth services.

Distanced Couple
Therapeutic Mediation

Allows parents going through divorce or already divorced, to take control of the decision making to better fit the needs of their family. Therapeutic mediation is not court approved mediation, and it is not mediated by an attorney or licensed mediator. Therapeutic mediation is managed by a licensed clinical social worker with experience in high conflict divorce, child welfare and mental illness. Therapeutic mediation is not meant to just negotiate a settlement; it is meant to help the family come up with ways to resolve conflict, communicate, and co-parent in the future.

*This service cannot be billed to insurance

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Custody Evaluations

We provide custody evaluations that meet AFCC Guidelines. 
"Child custody evaluation is a process through which information and opinions bearing upon the custody of, parenting of, and access to children can be made known to the court, to the litigants, and to the litigants’ attorneys in those cases in which the parents and/or other primary caregivers are unable to develop their own parenting plans. An evaluation may be requested by the parents or by their attorneys or may be ordered by the court."

*This service cannot be billed to insurance

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