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Our Team

Learn about our approach to mental health and which of our clinicians is the best fit for you.

Beehive Family Services

Why Beehive Family Services?


Expert Care: Our therapists are not just licensed professionals; they are forensically and trauma-trained. They are deeply passionate about supporting each individual's unique path to healing. Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of therapeutic modalities tailored to address emotional trauma, relationship challenges, identity struggles, faith transitions and mental health concerns.


Inclusive Environment: We pride ourselves on being a non-religious-affiliated sanctuary that welcomes individuals and families from all walks of life. Whether you're single, in a relationship, co-parenting, part of a non-traditional family, or navigating personal identity issues, our doors are open to you.


Healing and Growth: Beehive Family Services is more than just a clinic; it's a safe, non-judgmental space designed to foster self-discovery, healing, and meaningful progress. We understand the complexities of your struggles and offer proven therapeutic tools and frameworks to support your journey toward well-being.


Comprehensive Support: Beyond individual therapy, we offer couples counseling, family therapy, group sessions, and workshops to provide a holistic approach to healing. Our therapists are equipped to handle a wide range of emotional and psychological issues, ensuring you receive the most effective and compassionate care possible.


At Beehive Family Services, we believe in the power of therapy to transform lives. Our mission is to guide you through the challenges of today for a brighter, healthier tomorrow. Whether you're taking the first step towards healing or seeking support for ongoing issues, we're here to walk this path with you. Together, we can navigate the complexities of life's challenges and emerge stronger.


Embark on your journey towards healing and growth with Beehive Family Therapy. Contact us to schedule your first session and discover the difference compassionate, expert care can make in your life. Welcome to Beehive, where every story matters and every step forward is celebrated.

Meet The Team

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